All About The Resume

Over the years the job market has changed tremendously. Gone are the days when you could simply apply for a job without a resume. Let us help you create a resume that you can truly call your own.

We will create personalized 2-3 page resume to suit your target industry or career. We comb through your experience and listen to your needs and provide strategies that will grab the employer's attention. You don't need to have an existing resume to use this service.


Cover Letters

Not even the best of resumes should stand on its own. A Cover Letter is the perfect accompaniment to your resume. It is your personal marketing tool designed to showcase your finest attributes to prospective employers. We will craft you an amazing cover letter designed to convince employers to read your resume, and to eventually want to meet you.

Thank You Letters

A little “Thank You” goes a long way. Show your appreciation by sending a "Thank You" letter after interviews. Most employers nowadays expect this gesture, and by doing this you are able to display your professionalism and gratitude.

LinkedIn Pages/Profiles

We at Clearly Creative Resumes realize the need for our clients to keep up with the growing trend in Social Media. Most employers and recruiters prefer to use LinkedIn to do their initial “candidate screenings.” We create “Expert Level” LinkedIn profiles that let employers know everything they need to know about you. We will also teach you how to use the service so you can make updates or changes on your own.

Preparation Materials


We believe that in order for you to successfully arrive at your destination of a new job, a little mentoring along the way, can only benefit you. We will provide you with materials for interview preparation including interview questions and answers, along with a mock interview.

Job Orientation

Coming Soon is a job orientation manual that focuses on what you should do on your orientation, your very first day, and also how to build career confidence at your new job. This manual will also cover the topic of Office Manners and Etiquette.