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September 20, 2015
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November 16, 2015
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Have you ever heard the saying “Three is a crowd?” In this case, what I am asking is whether or not it is okay to show up to an interview with your girlfriend or boyfriend for moral support or for whatever reason. The simple answer to this question is, “no, it is definitely not okay.” You are an adult, not a 5 year old going to your first dentist appointment with your mother.

It is your interview and employers expect you to come alone. If you show up with someone else not only does that make things  really awkward, but it also is very unprofessional. Okay let’s give you the benefit of the doubt: perhaps you are in a new city or you don’t know your way around the area, or you don’t drive and you needed a ride to the interview, this is all understandable. If you must be accompanied, have that person walk you to the entrance of the company where you have your interview then meet up with  you after. He or she can go grab a cup of coffee, a bite to eat, or go for a walk someone… go anywhere but where your interview is! 

As someone who conducts interviews on a daily basis, bringing someone else to your interview would raise many red flags/questions:

  1. You are highly dependent – if you can’t even show up to an interview without someone there to hold your hand, how on Earth would you be able to successfully take on the position being offered? How would you be able to work independently when needed? Will you be needy? Will I have to constantly supervise/micromanage your every move? These are questions no employer wants to ask him/herself even before they hire someone. Instead, these are questions that would automatically disqualify you for the position even before the interview begins.
  2. You don’t really understand what’s going on – you clearly have not done your research into the company or into the entire concept of how a successful interview works. If you did know how everything worked, you would know that you should always come alone. And no your companion cannot come into the room with you.
  3. You lack confidence – you are not confident in your abilities as an applicant and potential candidate to come to the interview alone. You need to have someone there to boost your confidence. Again, how am I as an employer/interviewer to see this in a positive light?
  4. Did you lie on your resume – on your resume you say you are “highly independent, motivated, a self-starter,” etc. Well, this sure is proving the opposite.
  5. Limiting the time of the interview – if the interviewer sees that you have someone waiting for you he or she may feel rushed because…you have someone waiting and might think that maybe you have somewhere else to be. You never want to put a time limit on your interviews. As a matter of fact, if your interview goes on for longer than expected, this is a great sign that things are going well.
  6. Your companion needs a life – now this one is reaching, but is definitely a thought that could cross the interviewer’s mind. How does someone have time out of their day, unless they aren’t working to come with you to an interview? Let’s say he or she is working and came on a lunch break or is self-employed, still why come to someone else’s interview?

Do yourself the favor and go on your interviews alone. Again, I must stress the importance of being prepared and ready for anything that comes your way in an interview. Showing up with a companion is just showing that you are not a mature adult. Simply put, if you were the employer would hire someone who couldn’t make it to their interview alone? I didn’t think so.

Peace & Love

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