Common Resume Mistakes

Common Resume Mistakes

September 30, 2017

“Dollars and Sense”

I had an interview with a potential candidate for a position a couple of days ago for a senior engineering role. The interview was going really well until we got to the one question that most people dread: “What are your salary expectations.” This candidate had demonstrated exceptional interviewing skills […]
September 3, 2016


Have you ever applied for a position only to be told that you are overqualified? I am sure most of us have. It’s not a good feeling being rejected. However, you really shouldn’t take it personally. There are numerous reasons why an employer might say “sorry, we just think you […]
September 20, 2015

Being Late For An Interview

Have you ever gone on a date only to have your date show up 15-20 minutes after the scheduled time? How did this make you feel? This person didn’t call or even send a text message. You sat there waiting not knowing if your date would make it or if […]
September 5, 2015

Should I Include Months on My Resume?

This question came up a few days while I was doing resume reviews: Should I include the exact months for my employment or is it okay to just include the yearly dates? Well, here are my thoughts. If you did include the months and you have had good tenure, you […]